Announcing Gorillas! — The Ellen Fund’s Augmented Reality Gorilla Game!

The Ellen Fund is proud to announce our new, free AR game, Gorillas!. In it, you’ll become a gorilla gathering food. As you look through your phone’s screen, you’ll see a forest begin to grow — magically overlaid in augmented reality on top of the actual environment in front off you. In that forest, a cute baby gorilla is also gathering food near you. With 1- and 2-player modes…

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Casey Rogers
BE KIND. by ellen

The BE KIND subscription box helps support The Ellen Fund and saving the gorillas. Learn more here >

“Hi! It’s me Ellen. I created this BE KIND subscription box as a way to help people spread kindness. It’s like a warm butter knife for your peanut butter. You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. 

You’re gonna love what you get, and you can feel good about it, too.”

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Rikard Rodin