Pancakes for Primates!

Congratulations to Oradell Public School (New Jersey), whose 3rd graders were inspired to host a Pancakes for Primates Fundraiser!

In their own words:

Dear Ellen,

My name is Ms. Tashjian, and I am a third-grade teacher at Oradell Public School in Oradell, New Jersey…

After seeing the groundbreaking ceremony on your show, I was inspired…

… My colleagues and I put together a plan of action. Within one month’s time, our students were immersed in learning about your cause and the plight of mountain gorillas. After completing a variety of projects, such as poetry and persuasive letter writing, making posters and brochures, and writing books, we invited primatologist Dr J Rothman … to come and speak to our students…

… The third-grade teachers and students hosted a Pancakes for Primates Fundraiser which brough in a total of $3,127.50 … Teachers and students alike contributed their time, talent and treasure. From shopping, setting tables, making pancakes, and serving almost 400 people, we proudly brought awareness to this important conservation effort….


Ms. Tashjian
Ms. Pizza
Ms. Kenyon
Ms. Kaminski
Ms. Blakeslee

Again, congratulations for your creative efforts in not only fundraising, but in educating the class… and your community!

Casey Rogers