11 Interesting Ways to Help the Gorillas

So you want to help the gorillas, but you’re not sure how. They generally fall into 3 categories: share, learn, and donate — which you can find out about here. But we wanted to share some of the really creative, innovative ways that our Ellen Fund Friends have helped:

  1. Hosted a lemonade stand fundraiser… even a “Lemon Nate” stand More >

  2. Climbed to Mt. Everest base camp and ran a 60km ultra marathon while dressed as a gorilla (yes, this really happened) More >

  3. Walked their neighborhood dressed as Dian Fossey and asked for donations

  4. Handmade and personally sold holiday ornaments raising $1200

  5. Hosted an annual gala for the gorillas… and podcasted about it More >

  6. Auctioned off kids’ artwork – with a real auctioneer! – to raise money

  7. Hosted a “Pancakes for Primates” breakfast fundraiser More >

  8. Ellen Show Producer Andy made short videos for people and donated the proceeds More >

     And there are some easy actions to take that help as well:

  9. Recycle your old cell phone (the metals in them are mined from or affect primate habitats)

  10. Don’t buy items that include palm oil (it’s used in many everyday products, but harvesting the oil ruins primate habitats)

  11. Travel to Rwanda and experience the mountain gorillas

If you’ve got a great story to share about what you are doing, we’d love to hear it! Contact us >