An AR Game supporting Gorilla Conservation

We’re excited to tell you about a great new game by Krikey, Gorillas! In it, you’ll become a mountain gorilla gathering food. As you look through your phone’s screen, you’ll see a forest begin to grow — magically overlaid in augmented reality on top of the actual environment in front of you. In that forest, a cute baby gorilla is also gathering food near you.

As you find food sources (like termites and berries), you can tap them and collect energy. Keep your energy up… but watch out, the baby gorilla might take some of your food!

You can also play in two-player mode, where a real-world friend (located anywhere in the world!) can compete with you for energy!

At the end of the game, you can record your reaction to the game, and Gorillas! will assemble a quick video of you — along with gameplay highlights — so you can share your fun.

Best of all — the game is FREE. (Actually… best of all, the game raises awareness and empathy with real-life gorillas — of which there are only 1,000 mountain gorillas left in the world.)

Gorillas! is a partnership between Krikey and The Ellen Fund. “We created Krikey to encourage conservation and bridge that gap between inspiration and reality,” said Ketaki Shriram, Krikey CTO. “Not everyone can travel to Rwanda to trek with gorillas but with augmented reality, anyone can step into the forest and experience the beauty and peacefulness of the ecosystem.” (Here’s how you can get more involved to help gorillas >)

Krikey’s augmented reality games blend the virtual and physical worlds to bring out the best of our imaginations, enabling users to play & share videos featuring 3D AR games that interact with the real world.

Click below from your mobile device or tablet to play Gorillas!