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Saving the gorillas is a team effort.

Ellen can’t save the gorillas alone, and neither can The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. It’s a team effort that requires the help, support, funding and love of a large community.

We need YOU.

So we’re inviting you to get engaged and walk with us to help our planet.

We’re also inviting you to submit those amazing pictures and videos of how you’re helping! We want to share your stories!


Do Gooders!


Get Inspired!

Anyone, anywhere, can join Ellen on this journey and help to save the gorillas. We’re constantly inspired by the amazing stories we’ve heard, and we know there are more out there to share.

Did you know that Ellen Fund Friends have:

  • Climbed to Mt. Everest base camp and ran a 60km ultra marathon while dressed as a gorilla (yes, this actually happened),

  • Hosted a day-long gaming live stream,

  • Received a “good deeds” allowance from their parents, and chose to donate that to The Ellen Fund (the allowance even led to meeting Jane Goodall !),

  • Auctioned off kids’ artwork – with a real auctioneer! – to raise funds,

  • Made generous corporate donations or simply donated directly,

  • and much, much more!

Even Ellen Show Producer Andy faced his worst fear, singing on air to help raise funds to save the gorillas.

As you can see, there are an unlimited number of creative ways that anyone can help the gorillas.

We want to tell as many of your stories as possible… but we can’t tell them without a little help from you.

Use the form below to send us your story. It’s one of the only ways we’ll know the amazing things you’ve been doing, and the form helps us share your good deeds with the world.

We’re very excited to hear what you’ve been doing!

Helping is easy!

This class made pancakes to support gorilla conservation!

  1. Come up with an idea of how you want to help (see our inspiration above),

  2. Have fun helping to save the gorillas! (Remember — get permission if necessary and always, always be safe in whatever you do), and

  3. Send us your story!

 Contact Us with a Story

We really want to hear your story! If we love your story, we will reach out to you!

Name *
Yes, you have my permission to share the story and/or images: *
Everyone shown in images or video is 18 or over, or I can get parental permissions *
Are there other video or photos that we should contact you to get? *
Please make sure they are high-resolution photos with good quality, and/or stable videos that are ideally horizontal. Thanks!

Details on How to Share

Okay, so you came up with an idea of how you want to help the gorillas, you had fun doing it (safely, of course), and now you want more info on how to send us your story?

After your fundraiser, event, walk-a-thon, video, podcast, or other amazing idea, please send in any photos, videos, press, or written accounts that you have to The Ellen Fund — the more the better!

Videos: We LOVE videos! A lot! A well-done video is always the most successful share. Please send 1 or 2 minutes of high-res footage — and try and keep that camera or phone not moving, please, and wide format. (We can accept square or tall, too, though.). Use Dropbox or WeTransfer if it’s more than 10mb.

Photos: We also love photos! High-resolution, high-quality photos are the most likely to get shared. Ideally, photos are at least 1800 pixels on their smallest size — or if you don’t know how to check that, they should be at least 1mb or larger, each photo.

Links: Social media links to shared stories are great… but sometimes we can’t capture your videos or photos from the post. So if you send a link, we might later request the original photos or videos.

Permission: It’s important that we have your permission to share, so send a statement in writing that it’s okay to share your story and the images. The form above handles the basics.

Note that you must also have the rights to use any sent images, so it’s best if you took the picture or video yourself or have the photographer’s permission to use them.

If anyone shown in the video is under 18, then we have to have a written release from their parents/legal guardians — we’ll contact you back to get that if needed.

Other projects: We are currently focused on one goal – the Campus! – so we unfortunately can’t support other projects, unsolicited alliances, or requests for Ellen & Portia’s time. Thanks for understanding.

We’re excited to hear your story!