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3 Easy Ways You Can Help Gorillas Now

“Fifty years after Dian started her work, I’m honored to help carry on her legacy. Together we can help save these beautiful creatures.”– Ellen

Ellen’s right. We can help save one of our closest relatives, but it takes a team, and you are a very important part of that team.

It’s easier than you might think to help the gorillas! Here are 3 ways you can be part of saving one of our nearest relatives:

  1. Share: When you tell others about the gorillas, you’re raising awareness and being a conservation leader. Sharing can take many forms:

    • Social Media: start by following us, then sharing something you liked from our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    • Conversations: Discuss your passion for gorillas!

    • Events: Join the many people, old and young, who have hosted an event supporting gorillas and The Ellen Fund!

    • Speeches & Presentations: Share your passion in front of others, from class presentations to TEDx speeches.

  2. Learn: The more you know about these amazing creatures, the harder it is to ignore the challenges they face (and the easier it is to share!). Here are some quick resources for learning:

  3. Donate or Shop: We can’t do this without YOU. It truly takes a community to band together to help the gorillas, and so anything you can give, big or small, supports efforts to assure the longterm health of the mountain gorillas. Shopping for Ellen Fund products at The Ellen Store or ED by Ellen helps, too! Donate here >

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